WinningEdge Challenge for 2014

winningedge-2013-challengeAs the year draws to a close, it is a good time for every athlete to reflect on 2013. Think for a moment on the following questions. “What did I accomplish this year?” “What did I learn?” “How much of myself did I give to my team?” “What could I have done better?” “Did I have fun?” In asking yourself these questions, it is important to remember the following about your results: YOU EARNED THEM. The sooner each of us realizes that we are the source of our own success and failure, the sooner we can make changes for the better.

Think back to the beginning of 2013. If you could go back in time and make decisions differently, what would you change? Would you work harder? Would you play less video games? Would you spend more time at the gym, or on the practice field? How do you think your results would have been different this year if you could have made some of these changes? Would you have been more productive? Would your team have been more successful? Only you can answer these questions.

The reality is that we can’t change anything about last year. It’s over. But, we CAN do something about 2014. Right now is your greatest opportunity to make 2014 your best year yet. Right now you can make a commitment to give your all each day. Each day is an opportunity that will never come again. Don’t kid yourself; there is no “cramming” when it comes to being great. Commit to giving your best self to your goals and dreams. That is how you can live with no regrets. WinningEdge challenges each athlete to make the most out of 2014. You won’t be perfect. No one is. But you can consistently commit yourself to giving all you have. We promise that as you do, your success, your confidence, and your enjoyment of your sport will be greater than ever. Good luck this year! We can’t wait to see how much you improve!

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