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Performing When It Counts

A case study in performing your best when it counts the most: Shaun White just finished his highly anticipated run at a third straight Olympic gold in the snowboarding halfpipe. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the Winter Olympics poster boy. This year, Shaun White finished a disappointing fourth place. Ever the gracious sportsman, […]

Dealing with Low Motivation

Study after study has shown that an individual’s willpower is one of the best predictors of lifelong success. Certainly, this is true for athletes. We’ve all heard stories about athletes with an iron will… athletes that subjected themselves to decades of rigorous discipline before they achieved their ultimate successes. I get really inspired by these […]

The Key Belief that Great Achievers Share

Over a century ago, legendary psychologist and philosopher William James said, “the greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” Certainly, there are many aspects of life that his statement applies to. However, when it comes to maximizing our potential in sports, there is a […]