The idea of a “natural” in sport is overrated. In most sports, especially ones that emphasize neurological training (i.e. anything that requires training new movements, coordination, anticipation etc.), practice is the master key to greatness. Some sports, like sprinting or high jumping, are more reliant on natural athleticism. But even those sports require relentless training to become world-class. In sports like baseball and basketball, mastery comes down to something that scientists refer to as “deliberate practice” (Ericsson, 1996). The more an individual practices at the edges of their ability, the more skilled they become.

Recently, the public has become more aware of something that scientists refer to as the “10,000 hour rule.” The rule states that it takes an individual 10,000 hours of practice to become world-class in their field. In reality, it is more of a rough average than an actual rule. All 10,000 hours are not created equal.There are many factors that play a role in an athlete’s ability to improve over time. Things like confidence, concentration, coaching, sleep, nutrition, and more play a role in how quickly an athlete improves through practice. WinningEdge Performance contributors are committed to providing the latest scientific research and best practices for improving in your sport. It’s not just the person that practices the hardest that succeeds, it’s the person that practices the smartest.


Have you ever had a day where you felt like you could run forever? Or a game where it seemed like you had endless energy? Think about your performance on that day. Your athletic achievements skyrocket when you feel like you are running on all cylinders with no end to your energy! Now let’s think of the opposite: have you ever had a game or a race where no matter how hard you pushed your body just felt heavy? Run down? Like you hit a wall? Ran out of gas? Well, that last one is probably exactly what happened! Our body needs the right fuel to give it energy in the exact same way that a Mustang GT500 needs the proper fuel to run its powerful engine.

WinningEdge experts guide you on what to put in your body and assist you to access the most powerful tool of all: how to feel IN CONTROL of your Nutrition. We know that higher autonomy (self-direction!) leads to greater intrinsic motivation and, as a result, you’ll be able to stick to your nutrition goals for a longer period of time. We’ll give you insight on how to gain autonomy over your nutrition, when you should be fueling your body, and most importantly: what exactly you should be eating and drinking so that you feel that endless energy more often. Just be ready to have the energy to surpass even your greatest aspirations in your sport!


At the simplest level, the body is a collection of musculoskeletal levers and pulleys propelling our bodies through our environment in very predictable movement patterns. At the most advanced level, the body is a miracle of electronic networks innervating muscles and controlling a cardiovascular system at speeds that even the fastest computers in the world can’t keep up with. We have a complex system made of trillions of synapses and the most advanced data collection system in the universe . . . and we have it all contained inside our unique human body!

At WinningEdge Performance you will dive head first into the world of anaerobic and aerobic training, and dissect it into programs you can understand and easily follow. You’ll be led into a training world where understanding how your body’s hardware and software work together will result in gains in speed, agility, and power that you only dreamed of tapping into. We’ll begin with the levers and pulleys of how you can move most efficiently and end with training a neuromuscular system that not even your fastest opponents can keep up with!


If you ask successful athletes, most of them will tell you that the mental game accounts for fifty to ninety-percent of their overall performance. But how much time do most athletes actually spend training their mental toughness? The majority of athletes certainly don’t spend anywhere near the same time on their mental game as they do their physical skill and fitness. The result of all this is that many players end up performing under their potential when it counts the most. The good news for people that want to gain the mental edge is that these skills are trainable (Beliock,2010).

The Sports Psychologists and Mental Coaches at WinningEdge have helped some of the most elite performers in the world — from Olympians, to NFL players, to world-class tennis stars. They have also worked with athletes and coaches at the youth levels. There isn’t an element of sport they haven’t dealt with. Whether you an athlete dealing with confidence issues or a coach trying to enhance the mental toughness of your team, the psychologists and coaches will put science on your side as you work toward achieving the goals you have set for yourself.