Larry King Interviews Dr. Carol Dweck
Dr. Carol Dweck is the author of the book Mindset.

Larry King Interviews Sian Beilock
Sian Beilock is a professor in the Department of Psychology at The University of Chicago. She researches the skill-learning process, and the reasons behind why high-stress and high-pressure situations reduce performance. In this interview with Larry King, Beilock tells us that in situations where the stakes are high, we sometimes want to ensure that we achieve the optimal outcome. But when we start thinking too much about what we are doing, and start trying to micromanage ourselves or others, we can actually interfere with the skills that we have trained our bodies to perform, which leads us to “choke” under the pressure. Fortunately, Beilock’s research also suggests that we can train to become a “clutch” player, and make big plays when it counts the most.

Larry King Interviews Daniel Coyle
Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, speaks with Larry King and explains that with focused practice and determination, anyone can become an elite performer. Check out the WinningEdge blog article that talks more about this amazing process.

Larry King Interviews Jim Brown
Jim Brown was drafted in the first round in 1957 by the Cleveland Browns, and was a Super Bowl champion there in 1964. He was a Pro Bowler for each of the nine seasons that he played in the NFL, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971. Brown was named the Greatest Pro Football Player of All Time by Sporting News in 2002.In this interview, he talks with Larry King about the power of the human spirit, and how we can rise above difficult circumstances. Brown also discusses the importance of surrounding ourselves with good people who will motivate us to succeed.

Larry King Interviews Randy Moss
Randy Moss was drafted in the first round in 1998, and is most well-known for his time with the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots. He holds the NFL single season records for most touchdown receptions (23) and most touchdown receptions for a rookie (17).Larry King talks to Moss about his decision to play football, the importance of hard work and dedicated practice, and reveals an essential wide receiver technique. Moss also shows great appreciation for his “Three F’s” – Faith, Family, Football.